Atlanta Antique Appraisal Services

Appraisal Service you can believe in!

Appraisal Service you can believe in!

Appraisal Service you can believe in!

Appraisal Service you can believe in!

Atlanta Antique Appraisal Services!

Charles Pharr Jr., Accredited Member of the International Society of Appraisers has become one of Georgia's premier valuators of Antiques and Residential Contents. He also provides valuations to law firms, banks, insurance companies and the IRS. Charles recently was chosen from several of the top appraisers in Georgia to inspect and give value to the contents of the Hubert Humphrey estate aka Le Reu in Cumming, Georgia. This $50 million estate was comprised of 90 Acres, 45,000 sq ft home full of lavish luxury, fine furniture, antiques, and art. Charles works for the best and will do his best for you.

Charles Pharr Jr. AAI/ISA

Why Get An Appraisal?

Why get an antique appraisal? Other than simply being curious about the value of that old rocker in the attic, an antique appraisal provides a written estimate of the value of an item. This can be helpful for the following reasons:

  • Insurance purposes: Insurance companies require proof of ownership and proof of value before insuring an antique item or before settling a claim.
  • Distribution to heirs: Wills often state that an inheritance is to be split evenly among several heirs. Many questions, arguments, and lawsuits are prevented or easily settled with a professional appraisal.
  • Selling your valuable: Having the value of your item professionally established provides documentation and assists in selling your treasure.
  • Asset Distribution for Divorces: Tangible assets, personal property, that need to be divided should be done fairly and equitably.
  • Estate Tax Liability: For estates whose value exceeds the exemption level set by the IRS, it is imperative that you know the actual fair market value for tax purposes.
  • Estate Executor Liability: An estate executor is personally at risk if he/she fails to accurately handle estate items.
  • The Types of Appraisal Services We Offer


    Appraisals for Obtaining Fine Art Insurance

  • We provide you with a formal appraisal written under the standards of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice that will be accepted by your insurance company.
  • We can advise you on the best insurance coverage rates, ways to lower your premium and creative methods to protect you in case of theft. We take the hassle out of insuring your valuable items.
  • We can work from property descriptions, purchase receipts, photos or home videos. Store appointments are available; home visits can also be easily arranged.
  • Protect your fine art, antique furniture, silver, porcelain, memorabilia, vintage items, and collectibles now with a proper appraisal to provide your insurance company in case of theft. We do not provide appraisals for jewelry.


    Some insurance companies advise you to only have appraised items worth over $5,000. What they don’t tell you is that objects worth $1,000, $2,500 or even $4,500 are not protected. Should you have a claim, the burden of proof is on you to prove you owned and how much they were worth. This is almost impossible after they are gone. The total value of items worth less than $5,000 could easily exceed the few items worth more than $5,000. Just because you have a policy for extensive home contents coverage it doesn't mean the insurance company will give you what you deserve without independent verification. Plus, insurance adjusters have become extremely skeptical about claims that list dozens of valuable unscheduled items. Your insurance agent probably doesn't want to include them in your policy for such a small increase in premium. It does not make good business sense for them.

    And that’s why having an appraisal makes sense. We provide you with formal written documentation, verifying an item's worth. If the skeptical insurance claim adjuster doesn’t want to give you the true value for an item, we'll argue it for you. We back our values with hard facts from blue books, auction records, dealer catalogs and of course, our expertise. None of our clients has ever received a dollar less than our appraised value. We are sure to give you a great value as your Atlanta Antique & Personal Property Appraiser.

    Isn’t this the protection you want? Isn’t this the protection you deserve? We provide antique appraisals, fine art appraisals, and personal property appraisals in the Gainesville, North Georgia, & Atlanta areas, that protect your personal treasures and heirlooms.

    Types of Insurance Policies:

    1. Fine Arts Rider (Collectible Floater) – attached to your homeowner‚s policy, but no provision for appreciation in value, generally depreciates items.
    2. Separate Fine Arts Policy – for items up to $500,000 in value and large collections. Necessary if still actively collecting.

    Cost of Art/Antique Insurance

    1. Fine Arts Rider - usually $50.00 per year for $10,000 coverage.
    2. Separate Fine Arts Policy - usually $20.00 per year for $10,000 coverage.

    How to Lower Your Premium

    1. High Deductible
    2. Security System in Home (alarms, dead bolts, sprinkler system, etc.)

    What You Should Ask Your Insurance Agent

    1. What will they do for partial loss?
    2. Will they pay the cost to restore?
    3. Will they pay for breakage? (Usually not fully covered in fine arts rider)
    4. Who has right to salvage? (Who owns item after it is restored?)
    5. What about replacement insurance?

    Myths About Art/Antique Insurance

    1. Myth - You will get the value listed on your policy.
      Truth - only if appraised and scheduled properly.
    2. Myth - They will take your word for it.
      Truth - burden of proof is on you. You need an appraisal to certify your claim.
    3. Myth - Anything under $500.00 is automatically covered.
      Truth - only if you can prove you owned it.
    4. Myth - I can use my Insurance Company Arbitrary cost of living value update.
      Truth - some items go up in value more than this.
    5. Myth - All you need are photographs.
      Truth - You cannot authenticate from a photo.
    6. Myth - A dealer's receipt will do to prove value.
      Truth - No. You need a formal description by an independent expert. Dealer's receipts are often questioned and usually outdated.

    Proper Formal Appraisal - The Required Protection You Need!

    1. Accurate descriptions, size, etc., to ease police recovery.
    2. Accurate value (don't pay premium on unrealistic amount).
    3. Independent expert to certify you had it in case of loss.
    4. Poof that you are getting what you paid for from dealers.
    5. Identification of items you may not know are valuable.
    6. Required in case of a loss (often impossible to determine value after an item is stolen or destroyed).
    7. Professional inspection of the condition of your items to determine proper maintenance and hidden deterioration.


        Estate and Executors

        We provide appraisals for estates and executors. We do estate tax liability appraisals for individuals in the North Georgia, Atlanta area, as well as for the finest Atlanta area law firms and accounting firms. We provide you with a formal written document ready to be submitted with form 706 for the IRS. Quite often we are hired by firms from other states to help determine values for their clients' estate in Georgia for estate tax liability as well.

        Did you know that as an estate executor you could be liable? The courts expect you to perform "due diligence" in the dispersal of the art, antiques collectibles and household contents. You can be held in contempt of court if you just arbitrarily give things away based on who wants what and who deserves certain items. If you sell items without an appraisal, heirs can hold you personally financially responsible for not getting the full value. Years later, if someone tells them a painting or antique was mishandled, you could be forced to prove you exercised due diligence and had an independent expert research it.

        Protect yourself now by doing it correctly from the start. Obtain a "master" appraisal. We are your "protective guardian" during this difficult time. We shield you from emotional confrontations during the dispersal of items. We explain to heirs what an item is really worth regardless of what grandma thought, or grandpa paid.

        The job of an estate executor is difficult and full of risks. Let us take this burden off your shoulders. Let us be your advisor to verify that your decisions are correct and fair. Losing a friend or family member is hard enough.


        We provide you with a formal written appraisal for court or tax purposes. We can assist in the division of property and evaluate sentimental attachments objectively. Just because two paintings have the same value today, it doesn't mean that one is appreciating in value while the other is depreciating. We can make it easier for you to choose between items.

        We use the appraisal valuation method that's best for you. We have over a decade of experience and we will work with you and your financial and tax advisors. We offer complete art and antique appraisal services.


        The antique field is extremely large. It runs from Pre-Columbian art, to Louis XIV furniture, autographs, rare Limoge porcelain china to your grandmother's silver tea set. No one person can possibly know all these fields. This is why it is important for you to hire a full-service professional appraisal firm like Aardvark Antiques. We visit your home or office, carefully inventory your items, as well as research every item that is not readily identifiable.

        Many antique appraisers own shops and use antique appraisals as a method to get into your home and buy cheaply from you. Never trust an antique appraiser with two agendas. Always hire an independent appraiser who represents you, not their antique shop or auction firm when you buy antiques or sell antiques. We do not buy what we appraise.


        The tax advantages of museum and charitable donations can be considerable and without risk, if IRS rules and formats are strictly followed. Any appraiser can put values on a piece of paper, but are you willing to accept the consequences if they are wrong? We produce legal appraisals that are accepted by the IRS. We are also able to work with your tax advisor to determine if a donation is financially practical. We are here to help preserve and maximize your assets.

        Along with our certified appraisals, we can recommend to you IRS-approved recipients for your art. We have extensive museum contacts. Atlanta and North Georgia individuals, companies, and charitable organizations have used us for over a decade! In case of an audit, we can assist in your defense and provide first class, professional court testimony. We are a complete appraisal service.


        We provide you with a court-certified professional inventory and appraisal of your tangible assets. These can be used for court purposes or to ease the division of property. We can advise which items are best retained and which to give up. Just because two pieces of antique furniture have the same value today, it doesn't mean it will be the same five years from now. We do divorce and asset appraisals for the Atlanta and North Georgia area.

        During this difficult time, decisions can be hard to make. Sentimental attachments and tremendous stress cloud good judgment. We can listen; we can help. We can also come to court with you, be at your side during negotiations, and even tell you how to make our fee and your attorney's tax deductible. We offer unbiased solutions with complete confidence.

        Why Choose Us?

        Serving the Atlanta, Gainesville, and North Georgia area, Aardvark Antiques and Estate Liquidations offers professional appraisals of antiques and/or personal property by an accredited appraiser for insurance, estate liquidation, or antique value purposes. Why not hire us to provide complete, accurate, and reliable information at a reasonable hourly market rate?

        All of our antique appraisals are conducted by Charles Pharr Jr. (Mr. Aardvark) of Gainesville, Ga. , an accredited member of the International Society of Appraisers, with the help of a meticulous group of antique appraisers.

        Aardvark Antiques and Estate Liquidations does not currently offer online antique appraisal services. For on site antique appraisals, contact us at or call us at 770-534-6611 to arrange an antique appraisal.

        Also, if you are an antique store that does not currently do professional appraisals for antiques, we offer an affiliate program, which pays a referral bonus on each person referred who uses our services. Click here for more information on our antique appraisal affiliate program.

        Factors Affecting An Appraisal's Value

        Antique values are affected by various factors. The most important are:

        Rarity: The rarity of an item usually affects its value. Rarity may be determined by how many of a particular item was produced or how many of the items are readily available in today's market. Some items which were, in the past, easy to locate, may become valuable if the demand for these items increases.

        Desirability:As with rarity, desirability can add value to an item. The supply/demand factor happens when collectors drive up the price of merchandise due to its popularity.

        Condition:This is perhaps the single-most important factor in determining the value of an item. No matter how rare or commonplace the item, its condition can dramatically affect its potential value. Most antiques and collectibles, by virtue of their age, have flaws, cracks, chips, wear, discoloration, and other damage. Of course, the closer the item is to its original condition, the better. Mint or near-mint condition items fetch higher prices than damaged ones. Also important is that all parts are present. For instance, a collectible toy is much more valuable with its original packaging. And there should be no missing parts � bottles should have their original stoppers; teapots should have their tops; jewelry should not be missing stones. Repairs, if they have been made, should be so well done as to be barely noticeable.

        Manufacturer's or Designer’s Markings: Items that bear a maker's mark are often more valuable than identical or similar pieces that bear no mark. It adds value to a hand-painted or handcrafted piece if it bears its crafter's mark or signature.

        Regional Differences:The value of an item in one part of the US can vary dramatically from its value in another part of the country if the item is in high demand in one area and not in another, or in plentiful supply one place and scarce in another.

        Genuineness:Whether an item is the real McCoy or a fake makes a huge difference in its value. Authentication is important and will often require the services of an expert if the fake is a good one.

        Salvage Value:Even a very badly damaged antique may have some value as repair experts often use antiques to repair other pieces. Also, some pieces are used by artists and crafters to make other items. Before throwing away a badly damaged piece, check to make sure it doesn't have salvage value.

        Current Market Fluctuations:The value of particular category of antiques can increase or decrease depending upon their popularity at any given time. Current demand will affect the value of an antique.


        "The executors were very pleased, and our tax attorney very complimentary of the appraisal.”

        - David W. Drake, Attorney At Law

        “I am very pleased to recommend Aardvark Antiques and Estate Liquidations to anyone seeking outstanding professional estate liquidation and appraisal services.”

        - Julius M. Hulsey, Attorney At Law

        Atlanta Appraisals

        Atlanta Appraisals
        Why Get An Appraisal?

        Appraisals Atlanta

        Why get an antique furniture appraisal? Other than simply being curious about the value of that antique queen size poster bed in your home, an antique appraisal provides a written estimate of the value of an item.

        Antiquing has quickly become one of America’s favorite pastimes. With hopes of finding that one big jackpot, many American’s scour antique stores looking for a treasure. Maybe you’ve found something and you’re not quite sure what you have. Or maybe you’ve discovered something in an attic that Great Grandma had tucked away. Whatever your case, you need to have someone with the knowledge and honesty to give you an appraisal for your item. That’s why for a dependable Atlanta appraisal, more people choose Aardvark Antiques and Estate Liquidations. Our experience and knowledge of the broad antique field, along with our honesty keeps people coming back for their appraisals in Atlanta.

        There are many wonderful places in Atlanta to find hidden treasures. The best being estate sales and garage sales, simply for the fact that these items have been laying around untouched for many years in attics and basements. Finding a great piece in a garage sale could very well be an antique collectors dream, as usually the items priced for sale were done so by someone who has no idea of their value.

        Before you start searching for that special something, know that it may take many, many trips to various garage sales before finding something you like or something that may be of value. You truly have to enjoy rummaging through bins and baskets or else you may quickly lose interest before needing an Atlanta appraisal for your very first find.

        That being said, there are a few things to keep in mind while garage sale shopping. First find a great location. Look for sales in older neighborhoods. Ones where most people are retired or maybe moving are usually the best. You’ll likely find lots of vintage kitchen things and decor of the fifties, as well as collectibles you may need an appraisal for.

        Upper class neighborhoods are great for buying newer things at a good price. You’ll likely find expensive clothes and accessories, furniture, and kitchenware at slashed priced. Not necessarily a collector’s fantasy, but still a fabulous bargain for most shoppers.

        There are also lots of great buys to be found in church rummages and neighborhood sales. Because everyone wants to contribute something, people will sometimes just grab something they’ve had hanging around their attics, basements, or closets just to contribute. You never know what you may come across!

        Finally after combing through sales, you think you’ve found something! Knowing the difference between the real thing and a reproduction gets harder and harder these days as antiquing techniques continue to develop. Unfortunately there are a lot of reproductions unknowingly being bought on the internet. These items then get placed out in garage sales. This can be very tricky. The best tip is to keep a reference book in your car. Ask the seller to hold the item while you "go get your wallet". Slip in your car and look up the item. If that’s not an option, call a friend who has access to the internet. Have them look up your item on Ebay or other antique resource sites to find the value or compare an original. The more you shop, the more you’ll learn! Getting an appraisal in Atlanta by one of our experts is often the only way to know what you really have.

        And lastly, remember everything is negotiable. Garage sale items are sold for pennies of the original price. Asking them "can you do better on the price" is a good way to ask without insulting them. For newer things such as baby strollers, high chairs, and changing tables, they can still see that $150 price tag as you pay $5 for it. Asking them to go any lower can sometimes smart, but it’s the nature of the game.

        Think you’ve got something that may be of value? For antique appraisals in Atlanta, Aardvark Antiques and Estate Liquidations is requested more often than other appraisers in Atlanta. We’re known for our outstanding reputation of uncompromising honesty, integrity, professionalism, and service.

        All of our antique appraisals are conducted by Charles Pharr Jr. (Mr. Aardvark) of Gainesville, Ga. with the help of a meticulous group of antique appraisers. Because the antique field is extremely broad, our appraisers all specialize in their own area of antiques. Their combined knowledge gives us a superior advantage when it comes to appraisals in Atlanta. We stand behind our appraisals because we’re honest. If in the rare case we’ve researched an item and are unable to give you an appraisal, we’ll tell you. You’ll never be misled.

        We believe there is always something to be learned in the ever growing field of antiques. By continuing our education through the attendance of seminars and training sessions, Aardvark Antiques and Estate Liquidations has the knowledge and skills to appraise just about anything. Our knowledge of antiques extends to antique furniture, books, fine art, collectibles, china, sterling silver, modern furniture, musical instruments, household items, tools, scientific instruments, glassware, ceramics, automobiles, and much more.

        Aardvark Antiques and Estate Liquidations offers professional appraisals of antiques and/or personal property by an accredited appraiser for insurance, estate liquidation, or antique value purposes. Why not hire us to provide complete, accurate, and reliable information at a reasonable hourly market rate?

        Our services include appraisals for Atlanta and surrounding areas, as well as Alpharetta, Buford, Cumming, Decatur, Duluth, Norcross, and Sandy Springs. Please contact us for more information.

        Deductions Over $500 But Not Over $5,000

        If you claim a deduction over $500 but not over $5,000 for a noncash charitable contribution, you must have the acknowledgment and written records described under Deductions of At Least $250 But Not More Than $500. Your records must also include:

        • How you got the property, for example, by purchase, gift, bequest, inheritance, or exchange,
        • The approximate date you got the property or, if created, produced, or manufactured by or for you, the approximate date the property was substantially completed, and
        • The cost or other basis, and any adjustments to the basis, of property held less than 12 months and, if available, the cost or other basis of property held 12 months or more. This requirement, however, does not apply to publicly traded securities.

        If you are not able to provide information on either the date you got the property or the cost basis of the property and you have a reasonable cause for not being able to provide this information, attach a statement of explanation to your return.

        Deductions Over $5,000

        If you claim a deduction of over $5,000 for a charitable contribution of one property item or a group of similar property items, you must have the acknowledgment and the written records described under Deductions Over $500 But Not Over $5,000. In figuring whether your deduction is over $5,000, combine your claimed deductions for all similar items donated to any charitable organization during the year.

        Generally, you must also obtain a qualified written appraisal of the donated property from a qualified appraiser. See Deductions of More Than $5,000 in Publication 561 for more information.

        Charles Pharr Jr. AAI/ISA

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