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In addition to our fine antique furniture and estate pieces, Aardvark Antiques has been selling new floor samples of high-end furniture manufacturers for many years. We sell you fine, top name brand furniture that has never been used at a fraction of what you would pay for these pieces in a new furniture store. These future heirlooms are beautiful traditional furniture pieces that blend perfectly with antiques in that their fine styles are timeless and have been reproduced for centuries.

Atlanta area Interior Designers frequent our stores and buy floor samples of fine conference tables, dining tables, chairs, desks, at the best prices and save their clients thousands of dollars. Whether they buying for themselves, home, or office, they consistently find our top name brand pieces for a much lower price than they would pay elsewhere. Our stores are located just north of Atlanta in Gainesville and Oakwood Georgia.

Look for these brands: Baker, E.J. Victor, Henkel Harris, Henredon, Stickley, Hickory Chair, Leighton Hall and others. We are certain you will not find finer reproductions for the prices we sell the originals anywhere in the Atlanta area and, perhaps, in the entire country. Maybe that’s why customers continually have us ship our new floor sample furniture all over the country. We ship these discounted high-end furniture pieces from Florida to California, to New York, Minnesota and more. We offer the best quality at the best price. It’s a simple as that! Live in Georgia? Consider us your North Atlanta dining table and conference table store.

A Note from Charles Pharr, Owner, Aardvark Antiques:

“All our brands are wonderful and I sell them, but I have chosen a Leighton Hall table for my own home and I can take anything home. This is because I personally know the craftsmen that make this fine future heirloom. These craftsmen only make 25 to 50 tables per month not hundreds or thousands. These tables and chairs are for appreciators of fine handcrafted dining room and conference room furniture that want top quality!

“The president of Leighton Hall hand picks these fine woods in North Carolina. The president of the company and myself have been friends for years. He is allowing me to purchase his floor samples at a fraction of what you would have to pay a designer or high-end retailer. I am certain, that this is the finest table you can buy for the money anywhere!”

Leighton Hall Banquet floor sample Conference Table.
88" Long X 54"Wide with 2–23" Leaves 134" total length
with 3– 23" Leaves 157" total length
Swirly crotched mahogany center field
2– Tulip Wood inlays
2– Borders of Prima Vera
2– Borders of Santos Rosewood
3 beaded edge
Retail $16‚000 our price $6995
Rests on 2 birdcage pedestals with brass paw feet.
Discount Furniture

Buy Floor Samples at Discount Prices

Leighton Hall Banquet floor sample 16 FT Dining Table.
96" Long X 52"Wide
With 2– 48" Leaves 192" Total Length
Slip Matched Swirly crotched mahogany center field
2 Tulip Wood Inlays
Prima Vera Border
Santos Rosewood Border
3 beaded edge
Rests on 3 Large Birdcage Pedestals
Retail $16‚000 our price $7995

Floor Samples - High end Discount Furniture

Ever imagined finding beautifully crafted, high end furniture at a discount furniture store? Well look no further than Aardvark Antiques. Those price tags aren't a mistake. That&apos s how we do it – high end furniture at discount furniture prices.

Every day interior designers and furniture lovers are finding great deals on floor samples from fine furniture makers such as Stickley Furniture, Henerdon Furniture, Baker Furniture, Henkel Harris Furniture, Hickory Hall Furniture, and Leighton House Furniture. Our floor samples include luxurious high end dining tables, high end round dining tables, high end conference tables, high end round conference tables, and high end racetrack oval conference tables.

At Aardvark Antiques, we pride ourselves on our extensive new floor sample collections. You'll find an unlimited selection of conference tables by Stickley Furniture. With historically accurate reproductions, Stickley Furniture delivers tradition along with unwavering commitment with every piece crafted.

In our floor sample collections, you're sure to see the timelessness of Stickley Furniture's high end conference tables and high end dining tables. These pieces may look like heirlooms, but incorporate beautifully with today's styles. Owning a piece of Stickley Furniture tells everyone you appreciate sophisticated style, comfort, and quality craftsmanship.

You'll also enjoy our stunning floor samples of fine Henredon Furniture. Beautiful displays of high end furniture such as conference tables and dining tables at discount furniture store prices. You'll appreciate the true uniqueness of handcrafted wood designs in many of these pieces. This exquisite high end furniture is upheld by even those with the most discriminating taste. A delightful representation of the best America has to offer is brought to you at discount furniture prices.

Baker furniture is a leader in the styles of fine furniture. We have an ample selection of floor samples featuring innovative conference tables and dining tables that last a lifetime. You'll find Baker Furniture offers collections of conference tables and dining tables from more time periods than any other fine designer. You'll also find we have these striking designs at great discount furniture prices. Our floor sample collection is incomparable to those who try to mimic the value and style of our high end furniture.

Come in and bask in the beauty of our Henkel Harris Furniture. Our floor samples showcase the extensive finishing process each piece of Henkel Harris Furniture goes through in order to maintain uniformity among pieces in a collection. The process is time consuming and labor intensive, but it is what has given Henkel Harris the reputation of having the finest finishes in the business. Take one look at the conference room tables and dining room tables we have on display and you won't believe your eyes. And the prices are even better. Who could have expected the quality of high end furniture we offer at discount furniture store prices?

Browse through floor samples made by some of the world's most respected designers from Hickory Chair Furniture. With a variety of distinguished and authentic looks, we have many fine conference room tables and fine dining room tables to choose from. Our floor samples provide an assortment of timeless designs from significant periods and places. If you're looking to buy discount furniture, come in and see the incredible value of high end Hickory Chair Furniture pieces you'll receive at discount furniture prices.

Our floor samples of Leighton Hall Furniture are among the best in conference room tables and dining room tables. Although these pieces are made in small quantities to ensure excellence of craftsmanship, we have a full section of floor samples to choose from. For a distinct look of luxury, Leighton Hall conference tables and dining tables are made of the highest quality swirly-crotch mahogany, tulipwood, prima vera, santos rosewood, satinwood, walnut, cherry and yew wood veneers and selected solids.

Furniture lovers and interior designers can't get enough of our high end furniture. Because of this, we regularly ship our new floor sample furniture all over the country. Because our selection changes frequently, you never know what treasure you're likely to find. Take one look and you'll agree, we offer the best discount furniture store prices on gorgeous high end furniture time and time again.

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What’s the Catch?


If any of our items have a visible cosmetic defect, we will do our best to describe it in our description of the piece. We will not sell you a piece that is structurally defective. YOU CAN BUY WITH CONFIDENCE…WE SEND THESE PIECES ALL OVER THE COUNTRY AND HAVE NOT HAD ONE RETURNED YET! No one in Atlanta can beat our quality and prices.

For buyers who pick up the furniture at our stores, if the table is not as described, you don't have to buy it. When you take the table, it is yours. If you pay for the table to be shipped and it is not as we described, you may return the table by paying to have it shipped to us and we will give you a refund less 10% for restocking. We must be notified of you returning the table within 5 business days of delivery.

DISCLAIMER FOR LEIGHTON HALL TABLES: WE USE STOCK PHOTOS FOR OUR ADVERTISEMENTS OF THE TABLES. Because Leighton Hall chooses veneers and solids selectively, no two tables will look exactly the same. Each table will have its own unique grain patterns and characteristics. No two trees grow exactly the same therefore; no two tables look exactly the same. If we have the table you are interested in stock, we will send a photo of your table upon request.

At Aardvark antiques, Atlanta antique dealer, we have a very wide selection of dining tables and conference tables . We carry many types of 10 ft dining table and 10 ft conference table , including a variety of floor samples . You can easily find the type of dining table and coference table that would be a perfect match for your home or office furniture henredon .

Our Discount Furniture furniture not only includes conference tables and dining tables, but also an abundant collection of antique dining tables , dining room chairs , round dining tables , and pedestal dining tables .

Are you looking to have your Atlanta appraisers , antique dining table appraised? Contact us at Aardvark Antiques for our team of qualified Atlanta appraisers .

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