9/11 Government didn’t build Aardvark Antiques

Today marks 11 years since our nation was attacked in the name of radical Islam. We have made much progress in countering the threat posed by those who would do us harm, as evidenced by the death of Osama Bin Laden among many others. However, America still faces serious dangers that our leaders must not ignore. … Read more »

Huge Estate Sale September 7-8, 2012

Estate Sale! Huge Estate Sale this weekend!  3230 Arborwoods Dr. Alpharetta Ga. 30022.  September 7th and 8th Estate Sale!3230 Arborwoods DriveAlpharetta, Ga. 30022September 7, 9am – 4pmSeptember 8, 9am – 4pm Partial Listing of Items at Sale:   1990 Black Mercedes SL Convertible with Hardtop!    Immaculate estate packed full of fine furniture in showroom… Read more »


Heywood Brothers was established in 1826 and the Wakefield Company came along in 1855. Both of these companies made wicker and rattan furniture, which became very popular toward the end of the 1800’s. Soon, they were competing with each other. The companies merged as Heywood Brothers & Wakefield Company in 1987. They changed the name… Read more »

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Aardvark has the best mirrors of all! Recently, I met a lovely young lady named Blessing. Over the years, Blessing loves antiques and has collected many different pieces. When I asked her what her favorite piece is, she said it is a big, beautiful, ornate, antique mirror hanging in her living room. Of all her… Read more »

Coming Soon: A New Store in Buckhead

We are finally ready to share the big news that we have been telling you about. We are opening a new store! It will be called Aardvark Antiques and Fine Interiors and will be located in the heart of Buckhead. The address is 526 E. Paces Ferry Rd. witch is just off of Piedmont. We… Read more »

Bringing Hope to Abused Children

Prince of the Elves Lladró Aardvark Antiques is donating this fine Lladro piece and other items to the 5th Annual Gala for Hope and Healing which will be held on Saturday, August 25th. The funds raised at the event will help the hundreds of abused children the agency serves each year. For information on attending the… Read more »

We’re in the Movies!

Aardvark Antiques has been working with the producers of The Hunger Games and The Vampire Diaries in order to sell and rent our furniture for props. The Vampire Diaries rented one of our large tables for a scene or two and GGX Productions just bought a large set of antique etched drinking glasses and two antique french… Read more »

Meet the Artist

At Aardvark Antiques, we are proud to have an extensive Art Gallery. Get to know some of the artists whose work grace our walls: Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot One of the world’s best know French artists is Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot  (1796 – 1875). Jean Baptiste Camille Corot was born in Paris in 1796 in a house on… Read more »

Rare Finds

Ever after 16 years in the business, we still run across things that we have never seen before or that we rarely see. Enjoy this article about some of these things that we have the privilege of passing on to you at our super low prices! Rare Brilliant Antique Landscape Oil Painting by Gordon Coutts…. Read more »

Mr. Aardvark Knows How to Make Quality Affordable

Aardvark Antiques has always been dedicated to offering the best quality antiques to our customers while at the same time getting you the most for your money! At Aardvark, we have a reputation for honesty. We are ethical. Customers keep coming back to Aardvark because they know they can trust us. When dealing with antiques,… Read more »

The Fascinating Facts About Figurines and Collectibles

The world of figurine collecting offers endless possibilities of styles and designers. In this article we will be talking about some popular figurine designers and learning more about their history. Giuseppe Armani Giuseppe Armani Born in the town of Calci, in the Tuscan region of Italy, Armani, like many children, loved to draw, and he… Read more »

Japanese Pottery

                              Antique Japanese Satsuma Earthenware Tea Set has 20 pieces in all. Very intricately and beautifully hand painted of Japanese women. There is a golden dragon on top of each large piece. Each piece has the Satsuma pottery mark.Tea pot measures 9″H…. Read more »

West Indies

Have you seen another like it? We have not in 15 years in business. From a fabulous Atlanta estate in the exclusive Country Club of the South these lifetime collectors made this rare heirloom available to us. It was brought to the US from the West Indies. This huge day bed was originally bought at… Read more »


Beautiful antique 18th century Dutch mahogany bookcase secretary. Towering 9 ft high, this exquisite mahogany bureau was hand-crafted in the Netherlands around 1780. Over the centuries, the mahogany has developed a beautiful patina, so that it now displays a deep, lustrous complexion and a highly pronounced grain. As fine as this exquisite wood appears, the… Read more »

Bill Mack

For those who have followed the American Contemporary Art Movement over the last 20 years or so, Bill Mack needs no introduction. For those unfamiliar with his work, Bill Mack sculpts in what is referred to as “alto-relief,” which is a variation of bas-relief but incorporates even much greater depth and three dimensionality with portions… Read more »


A HISTORY OF THE WILKINSONS (Compiled by David Allison. 2004)  JOSHUA WILKINSON 1725 – 1790  Joshua Wilkinson was born in 1725 and was the son of Joseph Wilkinson, a clothier of Leeds, Yorkshire. Joshua is thought to have had at least two brothers, William and Joseph. Joshua’s wife was named Sarah, however as no record… Read more »


Americana refers to artifacts, or a collection of artifacts, related to the history, geography, folklore and cultural heritage of the United States. This is a fantastic original late 18th century pine wood corner cupboard. A piece of true Americana, hand crafted, and a beautiful patina. This is made from a rare extinct pine with solid 19 inch wide planks!… Read more »


The Biedermeier style was a simplified interpretation of the influential French Empire Style of Napoleon I, which introduced the romance of ancient Roman Empire styles, adapting these to modern early 19th century households. Stylistically, the furniture was simple and elegant. Its construction utilized the ideal of truth through material, something that later influenced the Bauhaus… Read more »