How To: Go Antiquing Like It’s Your Job!

There’s nothing like finding a good bargain. But in order to find one, you have to know the difference between trendy and tawdry, fabulous and faux, vintage and vile.  And you have to have a plan. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you head out to your local Atlanta Antique Shops.

antique research1. Do your research.

You can’t snag a good deal if you don’t know the real thing from a fake. Make sure you brush up on the basics of the items you’re looking for. Know how to spot authenticity in your find, and how much it’s typically worth. That way, you’ll know the difference between spotting a bargain and spotting when you’re getting ripped off.

antique list2. Make a list.

Flea markets and antique malls can be overwhelming, even to the most seasoned of shoppers. Before you take the plunge into the vast land of mismatched tea cups and vintage suitcases, make a list of what you are looking for. This will keep you focused and keep you from making impulse buys.

antique savings3. Bring cash.

Let’s be real, it would be nothing short of devastating if you found the perfect trunk to repurpose into a rustic coffee table, only to discover that the vendor does not, in fact, accept your Discover. Always bring cash on your antique adventures. Another perk of pennies over plastic? It helps you to stay on budget; once you’re out of cash, you’re done for the day.

antique deals4. Know how to haggle.

There’s a fine line between getting your money’s worth and insulting the vendor; always flirt with it, never cross it. Most vendors are absolutely willing to cut you a deal, but you have to know how to haggle. Start out with asking 20-25% less than the asking price, or say something like, “Is there room in the price for negotiation,” and go from there.

5. Have a plan for your finds.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a world that still uses the elusive ‘cent’ sign. But if your answer to the question, “Why did you buy it,” is, “Because it was only eight dollars,” just say no. Make sure your purchase has a place and a purpose, because it’s only a bargain if you actually use it.

Antique like it's your jobSpending your weekends (and your paychecks) at an Atlanta Antique store is a great way to fill your home with unique treasures with their own histories. One last bit of advice: don’t get so caught up in the frenzy of finding the best deal that you forget to ask about your item’s story!

Happy hunting!