American Made Flaming Mahogany Dining Table, Over 13 ft. Long $15000 Retail, LH-41


American Made Large Mahogany Dining Table 13ft+

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American Made Large Dining Table by Leighton Hall. Over 13 feet long. $15,000 Retail. The perfect combination of size, proportion and eye-appeal. A Sheraton-style dining table with “D” shaped ends. It features a flaming swirly-crotch Mahogany field, black, blonde string inlay, Tulipwood inlays, and Primavera and Santos Rosewood borders with a thick flat edge. The under perimeter has the crotched mahogany apron. Dimensions: 86 in. long X 52 in. wide with 3 24 in. leaves. for a total of 158 inches or 13 feet 2 inches total length. With perimeter apron add $800 extra to price normally but this table comes with the apron for free.

SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY. Please call us for availability at 770-534-6611 before purchasing.

We sell for less than half retail of what you would pay elsewhere. We buy entire showrooms and pass the savings on to you! Disclaimer! Because Leighton Hall chooses our veneers and solids selectively, no two tables will look exactly the same as far as grain patterns. Each table will have its own unique grain patterns and characteristics. No two trees grow exactly the same therefore, no two tables look exactly the same. I personally know the craftsman that makes these fine future heirlooms. They only make 10 to 15 tables per month not hundreds or thousands. These table are for appreciators of fine handcrafted furniture that want top quality in their home! Leighton Hall is designed to compete with E.J. Victor, Henkel Harris, Stickley and others. There may be tiny surface scratches from people walking by and touching the table as they admire it. You will have to look hard to find any problem. There is some slight imperfections from time to time on some pieces, if we see them we will put them in the ad. There may be very minor scratches or dings on the apron or pedestals, but there are no structural defects and this is probably the finest table you can ever buy for the money. Sometimes the tables are slightly darker or less red than the pictures. Come to our showroom and see the outstanding quality in person. Subject to availability. Please call us for quantity availability at 770-534-6611 before purchasing.

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American Made Large Dining Table by Leighton Hall
Over 13 feet long
$15,000 Retail
Sheraton-style dining table
“D” shaped ends
Flaming swirly-crotch Mahogany field
Black, blonde string inlay
Tulipwood inlays
Primavera and Santos Rosewood borders
Thick flat edge
Perimeter crotched mahogany apron
Dimensions: 86 in. L X 52 in. W
3 -24 in. leaves
Total of 158"
13 feet 2" total length
Perimeter apron $800 extra,
But this table comes with Free Apron
SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY. Please call us for availability at 770-534-6611 before purchasing.
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If you are not picking up at our Oakwood, Ga. store please call us at 770-534-6611 for a shipping quote. We provide shipping quotes as a courtesy to our clients however, we do not determine when the shipments arrive because the shippers are a separate entity. Shipping can be 2-4 weeks or more.

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