Set of 6 Oak Slat Back Dining Chairs, Paw Feet, PA5489SG


et of 6 Oak Slat Back Dining Chairs, Paw Feet

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Nice heavy dining chairs, Solid Oak, Slat backs, Upholstered seats, Floral upholstery fabric, Curved legs, Paw feet. Very good sturdy condition. Minor wear due to use. 5 Side chairs and 1 Captain chair. Measures: Side Chairs 24″D x 20.5″W x 40.25″H. Seat 19″H. Armchair 24″D x 26″W x 40.25″H. Arm 24.25″H.

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Set of 6 Oak Slat Back Dining Chairs, Paw Feet
Nice heavy dining chairs
Solid Oak
Slat backs
Upholstered seats
Floral upholstery fabric
Curved legs
Paw feet
Very good sturdy condition
Minor wear due to use
5 Side chairs and 1 Captain chair
Measures: Side Chairs 24"D x 20.5"W x 40.25"H.
Seat 19"H.
Armchair 24"D x 26"W x 40.25"H.
Arm 24.25"H. 

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