Room for You

Floor Sample, Leighton Hall Lateral Filing Cabinet, Mahogany,21"D x 42"W x 39"H, Retail $5000

In a day and age of Rooms to Go, Rooms R Us, and Rooms in a Box, where is the personal touch? These are great for hotels and model homes, but when it comes to your very own bedroom, you don’t need a prepackaged room, you need a space just for you. A bedroom should be a place of refuge and sanctuary, a place where you can relax and feel at ease after a busy day. Adding your personal touches can create a place where you truly love to be.

We usually think of beds when we speak of bedrooms, and rightly so. You can, however, include many different pieces of furniture in your bedroom to optimize your comfort level.  If you love to read, add a comfy but elegant wing back chair and a floor lamp. If you need extra storage, a trunk at the foot of the bed can provide just that. Artistic details like artwork and rugs should not be forgotten as they can be just the things to make your bedroom truly all about you. If you’ve always wanted a chandelier in your bedroom, go for it! No window seats in your home? Try a sofa in front of your bedroom window creating a nice, relaxing area. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new furniture and accessories.

Here is a beautiful bedroom layout created using items found at Aardvark Antiques.

A beautiful bedroom layout made using items found at Aardvark Antiques.