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Artist Spotlight: The Crafty Cowboy

Jason Smith, aka The Crafty Cowboy was born on Marine Corps Base 29 in Palms, CA to Marines William and Loretta Smith. He and his family then moved to Winston-Salem, NC in 1986 when he was three years old. He graduated high school in May of 2001 and two months later shipped off to U.S…. Read more »

Perfection Is In the Details

Actor Rodger Halston once said, “When you work on the little things big things happen.” And so it is. Details are like the icing on the cake. Cake is just fine without icing, but it becomes a beautiful, delectable creation when iced and decorated. Applying that same principle to our homes only makes perfect sense…. Read more »

Land of the Rising Sun

    Japan. Literally translated The Land of the Rising Sun. When we think of Japan, we think of beauty and grace, tradition and ritual. Japan is a country that enjoys a wide range of geographical variety including mega cities like Tokyo and Yokohama, islands, mountains, forest, country, volcanic zones, and villages. The climate is… Read more »

Room for You

In a day and age of Rooms to Go, Rooms R Us, and Rooms in a Box, where is the personal touch? These are great for hotels and model homes, but when it comes to your very own bedroom, you don’t need a prepackaged room, you need a space just for you. A bedroom should… Read more »