Tenth Day of Christmas

On the Tenth Day of Christmas
my true love gave to me…
10 Dining Chairs!
Leighton Hall fine dining and conference chairs. Finest carving and construction. Philadelphia-style ornamentation  Straight Chippendale legs with stretchers. Timeless styles with sturdiness and durability to become antiques. These chairs are crafted on the same assembly line as E J Victor, Henredon, and Hickory Chair chairs. They are made with the same hands, same fine mahogany, and same finish, with no label and about $500 less per chair. You will not find a better chair for the money. These chairs retail in fine stores for up to $700 each. Please note that the side chairs are $299.00 and the arm chairs are priced at $349.00. These chairs all come in a temporary muslin fabric. The arm chair measures 23″ D x 25″ W x 41″ H. The height to the seat is 20″ and the height to the arm is 27.5″. The side chair measurements are the same but with a width of 22.5″. These chairs are crafted of the finest mahogany. They are built in the same factory, by the same hands, same wood, same finish, as Henredon, EJ Victor, and Hickory Chair. There is a slight design change and no label so you can buy them from us for less than half retail of what you would pay elsewhere.