Tips for Buying Wood Furniture


Wood the quintessential element that defines a piece of furniture. Wood gives furniture appeal, style and artistry that you don’t usually find in other types of material. Wood is a highly desirable material for furniture, however finding quality wood furniture is difficult and can be very expensive to buy in modern box stores. There are some things to consider when buying wood furniture.

Where Should You Buy Wood Furniture?

What makes antique shops like Aardvark Antiques unique for people shopping for wood furniture is that we have plenty of great antique furniture for sale that you can shop for in our store and online through our website. We only carry quality wood furniture with a wide range of colors and types of wood that will complement a variety of styles. Choosing an local antique shop is ideal to finding quality wood furniture at a great price.

The big question is this: what kind of wood should I choose? There are a variety of woods used in the furniture, but they can ultimately be categorized into two different groups, softwoods and hardwoods.


Unlike the name suggests, softwoods aren’t necessarily weaker than hardwoods. Softwoods have a somewhat yellow or red coloring and originate from coniferous trees like cedar, cypress, fir, pine and redwood. Unlike hardwoods, softwood is generally less expensive. This price difference is due to the fact that softwoods grow straighter and faster than hardwoods. While not always the case, wood furniture made from a softwood will be cheaper than wood furniture made from a hardwood. Here at Aardvark Antiques, we have a great selection of wood furniture made from softwoods:

Early American Pine Corner Cupboard Cabinet


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Hardwood is the go-to choice for many woodworkers. there is a vast range of textures, grain patterns and different colors that make some truly unique furniture designs. Examples of popular hardwoods is ash, birch, cherry, mahogany, maple and oak. Unfortunately due to the longer growing time and the sustainability concerns that surround the harvesting of this type of wood, the prices of using hardwood in making new furniture can be really high. Deciding on buying antique hardwood furniture compared to new hardwood furniture work is generally more affordable and of better quality. We have a fantastic set of hardwood furniture at our antique shop and on our web store:

Solid English Oak Wood French Bow


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