Trunk Talk

American Made Flaming Mahogany Dining Table, Over 13 ft. Long  $15000 Retail

pa2366-2THere’s a little info for trunk enthusiasts. Here we have a trunk from around 1870, and it is NOT a Steamer trunk. Steamer, or Cabin trunks were no higher than 14″ as per steamship regulations, as it was the only size allowed in your cabin (all other trunks were stored in the hold). While Camelback is a term that is used today, it is incorrect. The term Camelback was never used by any trunk seller or manufacturer. The correct name is Barrel Stave (which refers to the construction of the box), or Barrel top. Actually trunk sellers were not concerned so much with the shape when describing them in their catalogs as they were with the covering, and features. This trunk might have been described as a Zinc covered ladies trunk with two centre bands, brass lock, and hardwood slats running lengthwise. As is typical of trunks from this era, this trunk has casters on the bottom. Casters started appearing on trunks in the mid 1850s, and it is rare when they are not found on a trunk.