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Dining Tables

Dining tables are an essential in any home. They’re ideal for formal dinners and informal get-togethers. Buy the dining tables you’ve always wanted when you buy them at Aardvark Antiques.

Oval Dining Table

Dining Tables For All Of Your Needs

We’re the number #1 source for quality antique tables, including dining tables from top brand names such as Henredon and Leighton Hall. Our tables are big enough for many uses, and will fit your entire family.

A Wide Variety Of Dining Tables

Buy dining tables in many sizes, including 10-foot, 14-foot and 16-foot lengths. Our tables are made from the best, quality wood such as mahogany and rosewood. You’ll find high-quality features such as leaves, high-gloss tops, three-beaded edges, thumbnail edges and double pedestals. We also sell dining table in any shapes, including rectangular and round shapes.

Dining Tables For Many Uses

Dining tables have gone beyond the formal holiday dinners and get togethers. Many people now use their dining tables for every day use, from dinner to office uses. Dining rooms are now used every day in many homes, instead of just special occasions. Dining rooms have gone mainstream. They’re no longer just for special occasions. Not only can you find a modern dining table at Aardvark Antiques, you can also find antique dining tables, round dining tables, pedestal dining tables and banquet tables. You’ll find many kinds of designs, including swirly crotch mahogany, black/white inlays and borders of straight grain mahogany. Contact Aardvark Antique Furniture for dining tables in many varieties.

Conference Tables

If you are looking for a conference table or dining tables that makes a statement, look no further than Aardvark Antique’s fine selection of all wood conference tables. Do you have a large conference room? Our conference tables provide the perfect centerpiece to finish your meeting room. We carry all shapes and sizes, in many different finishes like Round Conference Tables. The only thing better than our selection is our price on Conference Tables

Dining and Conference Tables

Henredon Large Oval Dining or Conference Table Almost 11 ft Long. Retail $8,000. Our Price: $2,995!

This is one magnificent dining table that is made by Henredon Furniture. It has a beautiful oval shape and is made of pie cut designed walnut wood and burl. This piece measures 80″ plus 2 – 24″ leaves for a total of 128″ deep x 48″ w x 25 1/4″ to the bottom of the apron. Height to the table top is 29″.  In excellent like new condition, this table retails for $8,000.00 and is available here today for less than half the price. This table is in excellent condition with almost no visible wear. There is nothing that a camera would pick up and certainly nothing structurally wrong.

Maitland Smith Formal Flaming Mahogany Dining Table. 10 ft Long. Retail $9000. Our Price: $3,050!

This is a beautiful 10 Ft. Maitland-Smith dining table from a showroom buyout. It retails for over $9000.00, and it is just gorgeous. This fine double pedestal table has fantastic crotched flaming mahogany and  mixed wood inlay design and gold gilded accents. The workmanship is beautiful. The apron measures 25.5 from the floor.  It measures 46.5″ W x 116″ L including the 2- 20″ leaves.  A beautiful addition to any home that will become an heirloom to the family. Don’t miss out on this great buy. This table has never been used for anything other than display. It has no flaws or issues that can be seen by a camera.

Statton Formal Double Pedestal Dining Table. Retail $5000 9 ft Long! $5K Retail! Our Price: $1,895!

This is a never used Statton dining table from a showroom buyout. It retails for over $5000. We are presenting this unused piece to you for just $1795. It is just gorgeous. There are no flaws that a camera will pick up and nothing structurally wrong. This fine double pedestal table has a dark flat field of swirled cherry in the center, then a Rose Wood banding and Rosewood edge. Just beautiful. It measures 46″W x 96″L with the 2- 16″ leaves in. This is ready for your home.

Round Flaming Mahogany Perimeter Leaf Dining Table 80″ Retail: 6,000. Our price: $1,695!

Round Perimeter Leaf Dining Table from the Kentwood collection by Universal. Inspired by the masters, like Chippendale, Sheraton and Hepplewhite, the Kentwood collection offers a fresh take on 18th century design by mixing classic elements with casual style. 58″ inch Round Table, that extends to 80″ inches with 5-11″ inch perimeter leaves, that are removable, and easy to store. This table’s design: Round inlay of primavera, surrounded by pie-cut swirly crotched mahogany, which flows from the center point of the table, an inlay of primavera, with gold and ebony inlays, and an outer border of straight grain mahogany. The five perimeter leaves feature swirly crotched mahogany centers with an inlay of primavera, gold and ebony inlays, and straight grain mahogany borders. It is supported by four spiral posts and four reeded sweeps with brass toe caps. This table will comfortably seat 8-10 guests. Truly a work of art! This wonderful table retails for $6,000. It has never been used. This never before used Universal dining table is part of our inventory of floor samples, factory seconds, and over produced furniture. There is some slight imperfections from time to time on some pieces. The white spots are reflections of our camera flash, or our ceiling lights. Sometimes replacement parts are used. You will have to look hard to find any problem. There may be tiny surface scratches from people walking by and touching the table as they admire it. You will have to look hard to find any problem. There are no structural defects and this is probably the finest table you can ever buy for the money.

Hickory White Large 11 FT Long Mahogany Dining Table, Never Used. MSRP $7000. Our Price: $1,995.00!

Hickory White Fine Dining Table, Fine Conference Table. This beautiful table is from the Innovation Collection, inspired by 18th century English and American antiques, but re-interpreted with a contemporary attitude. This table’s design: centerfield of crotched swirled mahogany, band of burl walnut, string inlay of blond and ebony mahogany, with a perimeter of straight cut mahogany. Truly a work of art! It has a 3 beaded edge with a perimeter apron that gives it a rich thicker look. This table is 46″Wide and 128″Long, including 2-22″Leaves. It is certain to be a future family heirloom. It is elegant and fabulous!

Hickory Chair Baltimore Mahogany 10 ft Dining/Conference Table. Retail: $7000. Our price: $3,295!

Crafted by Hickory Chair, this beautiful table is the Baltimore, item# HC2470-70, from the James River Collection. Since 1941, Hickory Chair has provided classic forms inspired by the antiques found in the elegantly appointed interiors of plantation homes found along the James River in Virginia. This lovely collection recaptures the spirit and details that embody the fine aesthetics of 18th Century design. This table’s design: centerfield of cathedral grain mahogany, ebony inlays, and outer border of satinwood. Finished in a high gloss finish. It is supported by a three leg reeded pedestal. The Charleston measures: 72″ inches long x 46″ inches wide, with 2-22″ inch leaves, a total length of 116″ inches long. It will easily accommodate 10-12 guests. This table easily retails for $7,000. It is certain to be a future family heirloom. It is elegant and fabulous!

American Hand Crafted Round Dining Table. Retails at $12,000. Our price: $5,495!

Leighton Hall 83″ round table with flame swirly crotched mahogany pie cut center surrounded by a straight grain mahogany border. The six perimeter leaves feature swirly crotched mahogany centers with straight grain borders. Removable perimeter leaves. This is a traditional table with a beaded edge. The table stands on a 5 leg pedestal base with swirl carved columns and the legs have carved acanthus leaves and terminate with antiqued brass paw feet. This is a very sturdy table. The legs cover plenty of floor space which keeps the table sturdy yet they will not get in the way of your legs. It has a spectacular clear and glossy nitro cellulose finish.

American Hand Crafted Large Mahogany Dining Table, Conference 12 ft. Retail: $12,000. Our price: $4,395

American Hand Crafted Large Dining or Conference Table 24 Ft Long. Retails at $24K. Our price: $9,995!

American Hand Crafted Large Banquet Dining Table Conference 13 ft. Retails 18K. Our price: $6,995!

American Hand Crafted Large Dining/Conference Table 28 Ft Long. Retail: 28K. Our Price: $12,995!

LEIGHTON HALL FINE DINING TABLES 16 ft! American Made, Not Highly Produced, Hand Rubbed finish, Hand Picked Crotched Mahogany. These tables are available in 16, 20, 24, 28 foot lengths, with the option of adding additional 48″ leaves.   These tables are designed with: 2- Tulip Wood inlays, Prima Vera and Santos Rosewood borders surrounding a fabulous field of Swirled, Crotched, Mahogany, and have a 3 bead edge. They are supported by 3 sturdy birdcage pedestals.

We have been selling fine antiques and new floor samples of high-end furniture manufacturers for many years. We get overproduction and floor samples of Henkel Harris, Baker, Stickley, Henredon, EJ Victor and many others. These are all wonderful brands and I sell them, but I am choosing this Leighton Hall table for my own home and I can take home anything. I personally know the craftsman that makes this fine heirloom future. They only make 30 to 50 tables per month not hundreds or thousands. These tables are for appreciators of fine handcrafted furniture that want top quality in their home or conference room! The president of the company hand picks these woods in North Carolina. The presidents of the company and me have been friends for years. He is allowing me to purchase his floor samples at a fraction of what you would have to pay a designer or high-end retailer. There are some slight imperfections from time to time on some pieces.  These tables easily sit 16 People. They are just absolutely stunning! The top finish is near to perfection. You can see the beautiful grain of the crotched mahogany unlike the painted on veneers you find in low quality furniture that costs you just as much!


Fine Mahogany Formal Dining Chair Heppelwhite Shield Back. Retails $900+ each. Our Price: $329 each!

Leighton Hall fine dining and conference chairs. These chairs are made on the same assembly line as Hickory Chair, Henredon, and EJ Victor. Same hands, same wood, same finish. They have a slight design change and no label. This saves you 600+ on each chair.  Finest carving and construction. A heart and shield shaped back with bell flower motifs inlaid with mahogany, a serpentine seat front and square molded tapering front leg.  Timeless styles with sturdiness and durability to become antiques. These chairs retail in fine stores for up to $900+ each. These chairs come with seats covered in Muslin ready to accept your choice of fabric. 

Finest Dining Chair Orleans Collection. Retails $700. Our Price: $295!

Leighton Hall fine dining and conference chairs. Finest carving and construction. Classical French styling with a serpentine-shaped front rail and a cameo back with turned and carved front legs. Timeless styles with sturdiness and durability to become antiques. 

Fine Formal Dining Chair Chippendale Marlborough, 10 Available. Retail $900+. Our Price: $339!

Leighton Hall fine dining and conference chairs. Finest carving and construction. Chippendale Marlborough styled with interlacing ribbon back splat; Straight legs with stretchers. Timeless styles with sturdiness and durability to become antiques.

Item image

Fine Mahogany Formal Dining Chairs The “Regency”, Upholstered in Muslin. Retail: $900. Our price $359!

Leighton Hall fine dining and conference chairs. Finest carving and construction. The Regency design. Timeless styles with sturdiness and durability to become antiques. Our chairs are of a timeless style, hard semi-gloss finish, intricate high quality carving, double stretchers, heavy, and designed to last lifetimes! The upholstered fabric is goldenrod base color with a geometric pattern done in gray with brown and gold dots within the pattern.