Who’s Your Daddy?

Who’s your Daddy and what does he mean to you? We offer you great gifts and collectibles you won’t find anywhere else. Make it a gift he will treasure forever. We have a large selection of manly art, furniture, collectibles, coins, and much more. 

This is a Vintage Large Size Folding Pocket Knife By Western, perfect for hunting as it has two blades one which is a saw blade that measures 5 inches. The main blade measures 4.5 inches from top to bottom. This knife is stamped as WESTERN USA 932 G.

2 American Colonial George Washington Sculpture Cast Iron Andirons. Early 1800’s. This decorative pair of andirons is made of heavy cast iron. They are in good condition with slight oxidation due to age and a fabulous patina due to use.  Each figure has the marking “19” on the back. They are a great piece of Americana that would make a great decorative addition to any a home.

Two fine original paintings. On the right, a fine original oil on canvas by Bruce Braithwaite is another exceptional example of his mastery with the eye and brush. this is part of a series entitled “Jess Casting for Mullet Cumberland Island Ga. Very rich and real.
On the left, a Robert Genn Original Signed Acrylic Painting On Canvas

Each of these sculptures come from finest collections from the most exclusive estates. 
On the left, a fabulous nude lady and peacock. Excellent condition ready to grace your home or garden. This piece is a very expensive item offered for a fraction of the cost. We are selling the contents of an incredible non-smoking estate and putting the items at very low pricing. This is from a spectacular 25000 sq ft mansion in Atlanta. Check it out at www.mcphersonmansion.com to see them at this fabulous home. Will not last long
On the right side a fabulous sculpture, solid bronze, of a very finely shaped nude young woman in a tree. This is signed by a Russian artist. 
Below a fabulous relief sculpture by Bill Mack in our Gallery. For those who have followed the American Contemporary Art Movement over the last 20 years or so, Bill Mack needs no introduction. For those unfamiliar with his work, Bill Mack sculpts in what is referred to as “alto-relief,” which is a variation of bas-relief but incorporates even much greater depth and three dimensionality with portions of sculptures rendered in the “full round,” similar to classic Greek and Roman sculpture and statuary. Until recently, this incredible interpretation of God’s most beautiful creation hung over the bed of a very prominent executive and art lover. Isn’t she spectacular?