Certified Appraisal Services

At Aardvark Antiques, LLC All appraisal services are led by founder and owner, Charles Pharr Jr ISA CAPP. Charles holds the highest designation awarded by the International Society of Appraisers and is one of the most established and respected valuators of antiques and residential contents in Georgia. In addition, Charles also provides valuations and consultation to law firms, banks, insurance companies, courts as well as the IRS.

Top accomplishments include the exclusive selection of Mr. Pharr on behalf of Aardvark from several of top appraisers in Georgia, to inspect and give value to the contents of Georgia largest and most expensive mansion, the $50 million dollar Hubert Humphrey estate. Colloquially known as Le Reve, the estate sits on 90 acres and encompasses a sprawling 45,000 square feet of lavish luxury, fine furniture, exotic antiques, and rare international art.

Selling Your Assets

Is it a good time to sell your property? Where do you sell your antiques, collectibles, and fine art?

First, if your property is going to be worth less than the appraisal we will highly advise against an appraisal. Because Aardvark Antiques sells all over the world through a physical and 5 internet stores we have a current knowledge of your treasure and what the best market would be.

Insurance Appraisal Services

For coverage or claims needs we provide you with a formal appraisal written under the standards of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice that will be accepted by your insurance company and court if necessary.

We can advise you on the best insurance coverage rates, ways to lower your premium and creative methods to protect you in case of theft. We take the hassle out of insuring your valuable items.

We do appraisals for insurance claims for all types of residential contents. We can work from property descriptions, purchase receipts, photos or home videos. Store appointments are available; home visits can also be easily arranged.

Protect your fine art, antique furniture, silver, porcelain, memorabilia, vintage items, and collectibles now with a proper appraisal to provide your insurance company in case of theft. We do not provide appraisals for jewelry.

Estate Appraisal Services

Distribution of estate assets amongst the heirs.

This can be a trying time for executors and heirs. Remove the guesswork with accurate appraisal of the personal property.

Estate Tax Liability

We perform estate tax liability appraisals for submission to the IRS in the North Georgia, Atlanta metropolitan area, and surrounding states. We provide you with a formal written document ready to be submitted with form 706 for the IRS. The job of an estate executor is difficult and full of risks. Let us take this burden off your shoulders.

Art Appraisal Services

We also perform appraisals on all types of fine art. Your art collection can be a large part of your investment portfolio.

We’ll use the appraisal valuation method that’s best for you. We have over a decade of experience and we will work with you and your financial and tax advisors. We offer complete art and antique appraisal services.

Antique Appraisal Services

The antique field is extremely large. It runs from Pre-Columbian art, to Louis XIV furniture, autographs, rare Limoge porcelain china to your parent’s Gorham Sterling Silver tea set. No singular person can possibly know all these vast fields. This underscores the importance for you to hire a full-service professional appraisal firm like Aardvark Antiques. We can visit your home or office, carefully inventory your items, as well as research each item that is not readily identifiable.

Many antique appraisers own shops and use antique appraisals as a method to get into your home and buy cheaply from you. Never trust an antique appraiser with two agendas. Always hire an independent appraiser who represents you, not their antique shop or auction firm when you buy antiques or sell antiques. Here at Aardvark Antiques, we do not buy what we appraise.

Appraisals Charitable Donation for Tax Deduction

The tax advantages of museum and charitable donations can be considerable and without risk, if IRS rules and formats are strictly followed. Any appraiser can put values on a piece of paper, but are you willing to accept the consequences if they are wrong? We produce legal appraisals that are accepted by the IRS and will collaborate with your tax advisor to determine if a donation is financially practical. We are here to help preserve and maximize your assets. Our certified appraisals are accompanied with a signed IRS Form 8283.

Along with our certified appraisals, we can recommend to you IRS-approved recipients for your art. We have extensive museum contacts. Atlanta and North Georgia individuals, companies, and charitable organizations have used us for over a decade!

In case of an audit, we can assist in your defense and provide first class, professional court testimony. We are a complete appraisal service.

Asset & Divorce Appraisal Services

Aardvark provides you with a court-certified professional inventory and appraisal of your tangible assets. These can be used for court purposes or to ease the division of property. We can advise which items are best retained and which to relinquish. Just because two pieces of antique furniture have the same value today, it doesn’t mean it will be the same five years from now. We do divorce and asset appraisals for the Atlanta area, North Georgia, and surrounding states.

During this difficult time, decisions can be hard to make. Sentimental attachments and tremendous stress cloud good judgment. We can listen; we can help. We can also come to court with you, be at your side during negotiations, and even tell you how to make our fee and your attorney’s tax deductible. We offer unbiased solutions with complete confidence.

Why Choose Us?

Serving the Atlanta, Gainesville, and North Georgia area, Aardvark Antiques and Estate Liquidations offers professional appraisals of antiques and/or personal property by an accredited appraiser for insurance, estate liquidation, or antique value purposes.

Aardvark Antiques and Estate Liquidations does not currently offer online antique appraisal services. For on-site antique appraisals, contact us at charles@aardvark-antiques.com or call us at 770-534-6611 to arrange an antique appraisal.

All of our antique appraisals are conducted by Charles Pharr Jr. (Mr. Aardvark) of Gainesville, Ga. A Certified member of the International Society of Appraisers, with the help of a meticulous group of experienced and dedicated antique appraisers