Furniture Consignment

Sell All Your Consignment Furniture, Collectibles and Other Unwanted Valuables And Get YOUR Top-Dollar Asking Price When You Trust The Experts at Aardvark Antiques

Hello – I’m Charles, owner and operator of Aardvark Antiques and you need to call me at 770-534-6611 today if you want to sell your valuables, antiques, furniture and collectibles on consignment.

No one does more to market your valuables and get them sold, because no one else can match my experience, passion, and resources when it comes to selling consignment antiques and antique furniture.

I will market your merchandise with the same energy, effort and enthusiasm that I would invest if I was the owner. (Read below to hear why this is so valuable for YOU).

Best of all, you set YOUR Own Price, and I will do everything I can to get your asking price, PERIOD.

Here’s why you should call me today list your consignments with Aardvark:

10 Years In The Furniture Consignment Business

I’ve been selling antiques and collectibles with passion and integrity for a decade, and you can get the full benefit of my hard-earned reputation when you sell your consignments with Aardvark.
5000+ Eager Customers and Avid Collectors – As long as I’ve been in business, I’ve built a massive database of repeat buyers and collectors, and even the details of what they’ve bought and what they’re interested in.
If I have an item I know a preferred customer is dying to find, I’ll call them on the phone immediately. I also actively email ALL my regular customers about all my new merchandise!
So you not only get repeated exposure, but I show your items to the people most likely to know REAL VALUE and be willing to pay the top prices you and I both want.

Sometimes we make the sale before your items even reach the showroom!

Speaking of the showroom…

Two (2) Retail Locations Outside Atlanta

I will physically place your consignments in front of my home state’s massive market of antiquers and collectors.

For years, the state of Georgia and our surrounding area has been among the most active antique markets in the world. Lots of rich, regional history and a long tradition of local craftsmanship come together to draw droves of antiques buyers to our showrooms year-round.

Plus, we actively advertise both locations to draw new customers and shoppers from the surrounding areas on a continuous basis. And if they come into our stores, they WILL see your consignments.

IMPORTANT: We don’t bury consignments in back rooms and leave them unattended like some other sellers. I will never mistreat, manhandle, misplace, or misrepresent your merchandise.

I treat every item like my very own, and ALL merchandise gets prominent placement for maximum exposure to all foot traffic.

The Aardvark “Over and Above” Difference:

99% of other consignment resellers would stop marketing for you at this point. But just because I put it “on the floor” doesn’t guarantee that it’s “out the door”.

And that’s not “good enough” for me. My goal is to get your consignments SOLD using every resource there is.

As you’ll see below, Aardvark goes the extra mile and we’ll market your merchandise like no one else CAN.

That’s because in addition to local promotion, we also market your consignments internationally on the world wide web.

Professional, Accurate Public Presentation – While your items are with us, we professionally photograph, measure and create a detailed item description for you. This is where my experience REALLY benefits you!

This is because I know better than anyone what features your buyers are truly looking for. And I know how to present those details for maximum appeal, both in pictures and in words.

Once we have your photos and description, we will market your consignments to the global audience of antique shoppers out there in the following ways:

Listing on THIS website, – I’ve spent massive amounts of time, money, and resources to make my website the most popular site for antique sales on the web.
We work hard to rank very highly on all the popular search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing and more) for the most popular terms people use when shopping for antiques and collectibles.

When antique buyers search, they find Aardvark… and YOUR merchandise will be shown to all my site’s visitors.
But as proud as I am of this website, I know that it’s not the only place antiques buyers will shop. That’s why I will proactively include your consignment merchandise on these other key websites, too:

My eBay Antique Furniture Store – MILLIONS of people shop with eBay annually, and now you can take advantage of that popularity. But did you know Aardvark gives you a unique eBay advantage?
Not only are we active sellers of antiques and antique furniture on eBay, but we have worked hard to have perfect 5 star ratings from 100% of our satisfied customers! Here’s why that’s important to YOU:

My reputation means that shoppers are much more likely to trust Aardvark listings and actually BUY for top-dollar prices – much more so than with other resellers with lesser reputations or even if you tried to auction it on your own. online antiques marketplace – This site is sort of like an exclusive eBay just for antiques, so it draws a targeted audience of 1000s and 1000s more eager buyers and avid collectors.

And they’re looking for merchandise like yours every single day!
If I didn’t list your consignment antiques and collectibles GoAntiques too, I wouldn’t be doing my job: doing everything possible to sell YOUR merchandise for YOUR asking price!

We even publish print advertisements and listings in many popular and well-read antique publications for even more exposure for you!

There’s no more time to waste – You probably have stuff collecting dust that I can help you convert into CASH!

If you have any antiques, collectibles, antique furniture, (or any other valuables) going unused, under-appreciated, in storage, or mostly forgotten – Let me sell it on consignment for you.

Aardvark presents a distinct advantage for smart consignment antique furniture sellers who want top dollar for their merchandise.

Bottom line:
We know that the more customers who see your merchandise, the more likely you are to find a buyer willing to pay your price.

That’s why we will maximize every bit of leverage I’ve built up over my 10 years in the business when it comes to marketing and SELLING your items for you.

Call me today at 770-534-6611 and let me get YOU the BEST PRICE for YOUR consignments by marketing to the largest antique buying audience available anywhere!