Look At The New Arrivals! Art and Antiques

Great New Stuff Just In!   At Aardvark Antiques we bring in fresh merchandise every day and our staff works all day, every day, listing items that have just arrived. Please take a look and shop online 24 hours a day at Our Site See why we are becoming America’s Favorite Antique Store! Antique E…. Read more »

Fantastic Flipping French! Fine French Decor

Great New Heirlooms for you we offer these Flip Top French Tables!   I think you will truly love these pieces. I do. We have many more new items as we post fresh merchandise all day long. As you can tell, we keep them affordable. Fortunately we have the good problem of selling them quickly…. Read more »

Interior Design with a Modern Feel

Even though there’s a general stigma around antiques and their use, they can give your home a special touch that most modern-made furniture can’t achieve. Antique furniture can add an element of elegance to a room, giving the area a unique edge. When we are renovating our home, antiques usually aren’t on the top of… Read more »

Size Does Matter!

Size Matters! MAKE A STATEMENT! Sometimes you have a big hole to fill. No problem. For the price of a nice console table and a painting you can place something spectacular in your foyer, great room, kitchen, dining room, etc. and make a lifetime investment that will pay dividends daily. At Aardvark Antiques we have… Read more »

How to Liquidate an Estate in Less Than a Week!

Since July, Aardvark Antiques has liquidated the contents of a $1.2 million and a $2 million estate with short notice and preparation done only the week of the sale. Cash was generated for everything, leaving the homes completely cleared. Comparing us to other estate sales companies is really apples to oranges. That is not a… Read more »

What Are the Various Types of Porcelain?

We all have seen the porcelain dolls, dishes and other decorative works at our grandparents’ house, adorning the china cabinets to greet the guests. Through these pieces, we get a glimpse as to what was considered beautiful in the past. Porcelain china is made out of a very strong material while still maintaining a quaint, elegant… Read more »

Tips for Buying Wood Furniture

Wood the quintessential element that defines a piece of furniture. Wood gives furniture appeal, style and artistry that you don’t usually find in other types of material. Wood is a highly desirable material for furniture, however finding quality wood furniture is difficult and can be very expensive to buy in modern box stores. There are… Read more »

Great Tips for a Conference Table Shopper

When you’re giving your office space a facelift, your conference room should be priority number one. It’s the hub of your office, where potential clients gain a first impression and where your employees become a team. With every conference room, the most important piece in the room is the conference table itself. Choosing the look… Read more »

Knowing Your Antiques!

Every expert has some clever little tricks that quickly help him to determine the good from the bad. A few minutes with a shelf full of dishes is all that is needed by someone who knows his stuff. He can spot the “Instant Expert” clues and immediately determine which of the dishes should be examined further. The… Read more »

Top Four Things To Look For In An Appraiser

Whether you are getting an appraisal for your entire home or a specific item in it, you want to know that the information you are receiving from your appraiser is ethically and legally sound. This is easily accomplished by doing a bit of background research on your potential candidates. Ultimately these are the four main… Read more »

Picking Out the Right Dining Table

Over the years, Aardvark Antiques has come to sort of specialize in large, long dining room and conference tables. Many times, when customers are interested in buying a table, they will need advice on picking out the right table for them. We want all of our customers to be informed buyers, so we’d like to… Read more »

How To: Go Antiquing Like It’s Your Job!

There’s nothing like finding a good bargain. But in order to find one, you have to know the difference between trendy and tawdry, fabulous and faux, vintage and vile.  And you have to have a plan. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you head out to your local Atlanta Antique Shops…. Read more »

Artist Spotlight: The Crafty Cowboy

Jason Smith, aka The Crafty Cowboy was born on Marine Corps Base 29 in Palms, CA to Marines William and Loretta Smith. He and his family then moved to Winston-Salem, NC in 1986 when he was three years old. He graduated high school in May of 2001 and two months later shipped off to U.S…. Read more »

Living Out Loud

Your home is your palace, so make it look like one! You can make a grand statement in your home without ever saying a word. Choosing extravagant furniture styles doesn’t have to be daunting, and can be extremely rewarding. You can obtain a rich, lavish look by choosing a few choice pieces that will add… Read more »

A Chest By Any Other Name

A chest is a very old form of furniture and they can have many different names. Odds are that you probably have one in your home. They’ve been called cassones, coffers, kists,  and trunks. You’ve got your tool chests, toy chests, treasure chests, hope chests, blanket chests, cedar chests… the list just goes on. A chest… Read more »

Perfection Is In the Details

Actor Rodger Halston once said, “When you work on the little things big things happen.” And so it is. Details are like the icing on the cake. Cake is just fine without icing, but it becomes a beautiful, delectable creation when iced and decorated. Applying that same principle to our homes only makes perfect sense…. Read more »

Land of the Rising Sun

    Japan. Literally translated The Land of the Rising Sun. When we think of Japan, we think of beauty and grace, tradition and ritual. Japan is a country that enjoys a wide range of geographical variety including mega cities like Tokyo and Yokohama, islands, mountains, forest, country, volcanic zones, and villages. The climate is… Read more »

We Got Him!

The person who robbed the store has been arrested! Someone who saw the news turned him in. It was an antique restorer we had sent business to on several occasions a few years back. As soon as the Detective Danny Sridej of the Oakwood Ga Police Department said he was an antique restorer Charles knew… Read more »

Room for You

In a day and age of Rooms to Go, Rooms R Us, and Rooms in a Box, where is the personal touch? These are great for hotels and model homes, but when it comes to your very own bedroom, you don’t need a prepackaged room, you need a space just for you. A bedroom should… Read more »

Sitting Room Only

For generations, modern homes have included such rooms as sitting rooms, parlors, dens, and living rooms. These are spaces in which to entertain guests, relax and unwind, or spend time with the family. We tend to view these terms as synonymous, but there are some differences. The main differences lie in where in the house… Read more »

Coming to Terms with Art

When you hear the word “art,” you may automatically think of paintings and sculptures. In reality, art is a much more expansive term that can include architecture, applied arts, decorative arts, prints, photography, pottery, and many other works that can be appreciated mainly for their beauty or emotional pull. At Aardvark Antiques, we are dedicated… Read more »

Be My Victorian Valentine

Dear Charles, If you’ve always wanted to bring a Victorian look to your home, there’s no time like Valentine’s Day to go for it. Nothing says romance like beautiful Victorian furniture and Aardvark Antiques has just what you’re looking for at prices that you can afford. Make your Victorian dreams come true this Valentine’s Day!  … Read more »

Have a Jewel of a Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day 1 Carat Jewelry Round Cut Ruby & Diamond Baguette 14k Gold Ring This is an authentic 14k yellow and white gold ruby and diamond ring. 1 carat round cut ruby of good medium orange-red color and 26 tapered baguette cut diamonds with an approx. weight of 1.00 carat (I1/I-J).Ladies size 7.  Lady’s… Read more »

All About Americana

Our blog has a new look and it’s all about Americana. At Aardvark Antiques, we love our country and we take pride in our heritage and our new Americana theme is a great way to show it! The Americana style, however, isn’t all red, white and blue. It actually encompasses several different looks. All of… Read more »

Louis Louis

Hello Charles  Louis Louis oh no, said we gotta go. Yeah, yeah, yeah ,yeah… Have you ever heard this 1960’s song and wondered where they were going to go? Why, to Aardvark Antiques, of course. We have all the Louis! We have Louis XIV, Louis XV, and Louis XVI. Not the French monarchs but the… Read more »

Christmas Spells Style at Aardvark Antiques

Christmas Spells Style at  Aardvark Antiques! Christmas spells style at Aardvark Antiques and your house will be dazzling for your holiday company! Update, Create, Accentuate, and Redecorate your estate! One stop at Aardvark this Christmas can transform your home into a vision of holiday rapture!  See what Christmas spells for your home this year: C-… Read more »

Deck the Mantles

Twas the night before Christmas and the house was all glum, Because there was no mantel to hang stockings from! So to Aardvark Antiques I flew like a flash, Hoping and hoping I had enough cash! Then what to my wondering eyes should appear? But a whole wall of mantels which brought me much cheer!… Read more »

♫ Noteworthy Finds ♫

Whether you are writing thank you notes or making beautiful music notes, we’ve got something special and unique for your home. These musical wonders will put a song in your heart and a melody in your ear. Make one of these ♫ Noteworthy Finds ♫ an early Christmas present for yourself! Antique Grand Piano Absolutely Gorgeous… Read more »

A Royal Visitation

Egyptian Queen Belle just had to see our newly redone showroom for herself! Come on over today to find out why Aardvark Antiques is the choice of kings & queens!

Hickory Chair: An Old and New Tradition

The Hickory Chair Company started out 100 years ago in 1911 in Hickory, North Carolina making dining room chairs. Now the company is known for their timeless designs and skilled craftsmanship. When you buy Hickory Chair, you can be sure you’ve got a piece that you can pass down through generations. At Aardvark Antiques, we… Read more »

You Should See Us Now!

Transformation Central If you haven’t been into the store in a while, then you are in for a great surprise! We’ve been sprucing the place up and frankly the results are remarkable! Here are some before and after photos: Before: Entrance of Main Showroom After: Entrance of Main Showroom   Before:Front Right  of Main Showroom After:Front… Read more »

Twelve Oaks

In the novel made movie “Gone With the Wind”, Twelve Oaks is the plantation of the Wilkes family named for the twelve majestic oak trees that encircled the mansion.The oak is a living legend representing all that is true, wholesome, stable, and noble. Socrates regarded the oak tree as an oracle tree. The Druids believed… Read more »

9-11- Real Heroes

9-11 was a horrific event that brought many people from all walks of life together and demonstrated who the real heroes in life are. Real heroes do not fly, but they drive at top speeds risking their lives to go where they are needed.Real heroes do not have super powers, but they have the power to… Read more »

The Roaring 20’s

The roaring 20’s. A time of Jazz music, flappers and Art Deco. A time when there began to be a breaking away from tradition in favor of modernity. The automobile, moving picture shows, and radio began to take prominent places in society and people began to favor practicality over frills and fuss. Prohibition was in… Read more »

Silver Spoons

Even if you weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you can be the proud owner of one or all of these beautiful collectible sterling silver utensils.  Antique Whiting Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoon Columbus Ohio Antique Whiting Sterling Silver Small Tea Spoon Ca 1902 Antique Empire Sterling Silver Small Spoon Ladle Unusual Antique… Read more »

Tour de France

Dear Charles, Take a Tour of France without leaving the country! Or better yet, create a classy French look in your own home. French decor can be as pretentious or as laid back as you wish. You can go with a rich, luxurious look or a more traditional motif. Whatever you choose, we’ve got  you… Read more »

Just Like The Movies!

Have you ever wished you could decorate your home with the art and furniture you see in the movies? Even if you don’t happen to have a $50 million budget like those props departments, you can still obtain a great look for your own home. Today, Aardvark Antiques is offering a few tips on how… Read more »

Summer Design Trends for 2013

Prints and PatternsDifferent geometric designs and color mixtures give a fresh look and add style and character, and that’s why this is definitely in this summer. Animal print can make your space look rich and inviting.                Mid Century Modern Heywood Wakefield Rattan Table and Cair Set     Ascention, Contemporary Art… Read more »

It’s All About the Wood

Have you ever thought about how important wood is? It is what defines a piece of furniture. The style and artistry can only be as good as the wood used. People want the color and grain of the wood to reflect their style and add to their home.At Aardvark Antiques, we offer only the finest… Read more »

Who’s Your Daddy?

Who’s your Daddy and what does he mean to you? We offer you great gifts and collectibles you won’t find anywhere else. Make it a gift he will treasure forever. We have a large selection of manly art, furniture, collectibles, coins, and much more.  Vintage Large Size Folding Hunting Pocket Knife By Western USA This is… Read more »

The Aardvark Makes the Difference

Have you ever compared our prices to other furniture stores? If not, then you are in for a big surprise! Remember, when you see the Aardvark, you can be sure that are getting the best price around. Not convinced? Keep reading and you soon will be! Mahogany Demilune Table- Save $1,500 with the Aardvark Spectacular Formal… Read more »

Golden Deals

It’s been said that everything that glitters is not gold, but at Aardvark Antiques all of this glitter means Golden Deals for our valued customers!     Promotion Title  Gold Silk Brocade Queen Anne Cabriolet Wing-Back Chair Promotion Title Beautiful Antique Rounded Corner Mirror with Ornate Gold Gild Gesso Frame Promotion Title Monumental French Rococo Gold Gilt Curio

2001 Porsche Boxster: Just Reduced!

Just Reduced $9,250  Check out my 2001 Porsche Boxster. It has been garage kept, adult driven, and mostly weekend driven by myself and the past 2 owners. It has had synthetic oil its whole life and burns no oil. It runs like new. Very minor wear. It is shiny as heck and looks great. There is… Read more »

Fantastic Tama Imperial Star Drum Kit For Sale

Fantastic Tama Imperial Star Drum Kit For Sale. 1980 Call Charles at 770-540-1939 Thanks for looking.  A little about the difference between the vintage Imperialstars from the 80s (mahagony 9ply,zola-coated) and the newer ones (poplar 6ply). Most of the drummers say that old vintage models has better sound,and higher quality. No comparison really. I don’t… Read more »

Baker and Hickory Chair Furniture

Baker and Hickory Chair Furniture We just got in items from another great estate! These latest pieces are from a fine estate in Fayetteville, Ga.  We have Baker, Hickory Chair, American of Martinsville and more. Also 3 fine original oil paintings. All pieces are in excellent, showroom- like condition. They will sell fast! Baker Chippendale… Read more »

A Fabulous Estate From Lake Lanier

Another Estate From Lake Lanier Yes we have bought another fabulous estate. This is from the northwest portion of Lake Lanier in Gainesville, Ga.  This gentleman was a serious collector and inheritor of fine antiques as well as a long time Delta pilot. Visit our site or the store and browse these great pieces. Here are just… Read more »

The Magnificent McPherson Mansion

We recently acquired a large portion of a fabulous 25,000 sq. ft. mansion from Roswell, Ga. The McPherson Mansion is an incredible home just to tour and we have some of the best pieces at unbelievable prices. There is a link in the description of each of the furniture  pieces below. You are getting first shot… Read more »

True 1830’s American Empire

True 1830’s American Empire American Empire Mahogany Dining Suite Just in we have super Affordable, True American Empire, Period Pieces Circa 1830.   American Empire is a French-inspired Neoclassical style of American furniture and decoration that takes its name and originates from the Empire style introduced during the First French Empire period under Napoleon’s rule. It gained… Read more »

Spring is in the Air

Spring is here and that means its time for a new look for your patio, deck and pool area! Here are some great suggestions from Mr. Aardvark: Tropico Shell Design Indoor Outdoor Patio Table & 4 Chairs Vintage Brexton Wicker Picnic Basket/Hamper for Six. English made. Victorian Wicker Rockers Circa 1890’s  48 ” Round Cast… Read more »

The Emerald Isles Await

You’ll think you have the Luck o’ the Irish when you see what awaits at the end of Aardvark Antiques’ rainbow! Don’t turn green with envy, just click and shop to make your Celtic dreams come true! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, mo chara! Beautiful Antique 1930’s Pine Stained Glass Jelly Cabinet Primative Style English Washstand… Read more »

Antique Roadshow

Giving Back to the Community For several years, Charles has been doing Roadshows for various organizations. Just like on TV, people bring in their valuables and Charles, an ISA Accredited Appraiser, does a public appraisal for each item. He just finished a Roadshow at the Chattahoochee Country Club for the Gainesville Newcomers Club with their… Read more »

Famous Autographs for Collectors

Aardvark Antiques is proud to announce our new collection of Famous Autographs. Jan Kemp Jan H. Kemp (March 1949 – December 2008) was an American academic and English tutor who exposed the bias in passing college football players and filed a lawsuit against the University of Georgia.  Jesse L. Jackson   Jesse Jackson (born October… Read more »

Secretary Week

Celebrate Secretaries with Secretaries!  Administrative Professional Appreciation week is April 21-27. What better way to show your appreciation than with the gift of a secretary? We have some of the finest secretaries in Georgia at the best prices! Place your order today to ensure that your secretary arrives in time for appreciation week!  Block Front Mahogany Chippendale… Read more »

History Buffs Take Note

History is not just something you read about. There are bits and pieces of it all around us. Things we can actually see and touch that are from the past. Take a look at these great historical collectibles to add to your collections: Antiques Maps Antique County Outline of the United States American Map Co…. Read more »

Valentines Gift Ideas for Him

Antique 17 Jewel Hamilton Pocket Watch  Antique Time Clock  Antique Land Grants Happy Valentine’s Day from Aardvark Antiques  Dear Charles, Sometimes it can be really hard come up with the perfect gift for that special man in your life on Valentine’s Day. This year, Charles is making it easy! Here are his picks for awesome Valentine’s… Read more »

Valentine’s Day: Step Up Your Game

Step up your game and make your lady’s day. We have the best prices on fine jewelry anywhere. We have estate heirloom handcrafted jewelry for a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere.  Make her day and she will appreciate you all year. Earrings These beautiful hoop  earrings feature 14K white gold and white diamonds. They have a secure… Read more »

Maitland Smith- A Touch of Exotic

A Touch of Exotic  Statement making is the word with the pride and power of our new pieces from Maitland Smith. Don’t miss a chance to own and enjoy these treausres, which retailed for only a fraction of the price for which we are offering them. Step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary! … Read more »

Wallace Nutting and More

Antique Wallace Nutting Print, Outdoor Pastoral Landscape with Antique Frame Dear Charles, This fabulous antique pastoral painting by Wallace Nutting depicts a beautiful scene and is signed by Nutting himself. The very old ornate wood gold gilt frame is probably worth $1000 by itself. This is from an important estate in Boston. You’ll enjoy this… Read more »

New Year’s Resolution Solution

Happy New Year from Aardvark Antiques  Dear Charles,   If your New Year’s resolution is to redecorate your house this year, then we’ve got yourRESOLUTION SOLUTION! Our excellent selection and our friendly and knowledgeable staff is the perfect combination for your project. No matter what your style preference may be, we can help your home look its best! Wishing… Read more »

Merry Christmas from Aardvark Antiques

Dear Charles,  I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I am a Christian and I celebrate Jesus’ birth on this day. If you are not a Christian, I want to wish you Happy Holidays. If you would like to know how to have the tremendous Peace of mind that comes from knowing the Son… Read more »

Twelfth Day of Christmas

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me… 12 Antique Wine Stems! Set of 12 Antique Gold Rim Dessert Wine Stems Superbly elegant this Set of 12 Antique Gold Rim dessert wine stems have no chips or cracks and are ready for years of entertaining. They are just about 4 inches… Read more »

Eleventh Day of Christmas

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas my true love gave to me… An 11 foot Table! EJ Victor Large Mahogany Scallop Corner Banquet Dining Table  Beaded Edge Design 11 Ft Long This is a Beautiful scallop-cornered banquet dining table by E J Victor.  They are known for their high end quality work that ranks at… Read more »

Tenth Day of Christmas

On the Tenth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me… 10 Dining Chairs!  Leighton Hall Dining Chair, Conference Chair, The James, 10 Available Leighton Hall fine dining and conference chairs. Finest carving and construction. Philadelphia-style ornamentation  Straight Chippendale legs with stretchers. Timeless styles with sturdiness and durability to become antiques. These chairs are crafted… Read more »

Ninth Day of Christmas

On the Ninth Day of Christmas  my true love gave to me… 9 Armani Ladies! Collectible Italian Giuseppe Armani Figurine Isadora 1973 Florence Italian Giuseppe Armani Figurine Lady Wynne Florence Italian Giuseppe Armani Figurine Celebration Collectible Italian Giuseppe Armani Figurine Roberta Rare 1997 Collectible Italian Giuseppe Armani Figurine April Rare 1997 Italian Giuseppe Armani Figurine… Read more »

Eighth Day of Christmas

On the Eighth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me … 8 Hummel Goebels! 1960’s German Goebel Hummel Little Helper, Diligent Betsy Super Rare Goebel Hummel Congratulations, 1971 1960’s Rare Goebel Hummel Figurine, For Mother 1960’s Goebel Hummel Hear Ye Hear Ye, Night Watchman 1960’s Porcelain Goebel Hummel Ride Into Christmas Shoemaker, Goebel… Read more »

Seventh Day of Christmas

On the Seventh Day of Christmas my true love gave to me… A 7 Foot Bookcase! Museum Quality Antique American Empire Mahogany Bookcase 7 ft Tall Secretary Circa 1830 Absolutely fantastic circa 1830’s antique empire secretary bookcase. Ready for a museum, do you want excellence for your home? The cornice tops the conforming case of… Read more »

Sixth Day of Christmas

  On the Sixth Day of Christmas  my true love gave to me… A 6-door display case! Formal Break-front Mahogany China Cabinet/ 6 Door/ 9 ft W Leighton Hall Six Door Break Front China Cabinet. This is the ultimate breakfront for the finest home or office. Gorgeous field of swirly-crotch mahogany adorns the fronts of… Read more »

Fifth Day of Christmas

On the Fifth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me… 5 beautiful rings! 18K White Gold and White Diamond Filigree Ring Size 5.5 18k White Gold Filigree Round Cut Aqua Marine Ring18K White Gold White & Yellow Diamond Ring Size 6  1 Carat Round Cut Ruby & Diamond Baguette 14k Gold Ring Sterling… Read more »

Fourth Day of Christmas

On the Fourth Day of Christmas  my true love gave to me… A 4 foot painting! Fabulous Original Oil on Canvas by Valerie Lennon, Couple & Violin 3′ x 4 ft’ This is a large nicely framed oil on canvas that is signed by V. Lennon by the renowned artist and painter Valerie Lennon. This… Read more »

Third Day of Christmas

On the Third Day of Christmas  my true love gave to me… 3 nesting bowls! Set of Three Antique Japanese Nesting bowls This is a beautiful set of three bowls, one fits inside of the other as seen in photos. There is a multi floral and bird design on all three and there is a… Read more »

Second Day of Christmas

On the Second Day of Christmas my true love gave to me… 2 Side Tables! Pair of Two Superb French Walnut, Marquetry Side Table Nightstand Cabinets, Jasperware Cameo Design Ca 1900Pair of 20th century French Walnut matching side tables with sunburst frisage top with marquetry inlay, (came out of a Russian diplomats home in Upstate, NY)… Read more »

The First Day of Christmas

On the First Day of Christmas  my true love gave to me… A woman in a bronze tree! Bronze Art Sculpture, Nude Young Woman in Tree, Russian Artist SignedThis is a fabulous sculpture, solid bronze, of a very finely shaped nude young woman in a tree. This is signed by a Russian artist. We will… Read more »

White Friday Sale for Preferred Customers!

All of our blog readers are invited to our WHITE FRIDAY SALE for preferred customers! These prices are not available on our site! To order you need to call or come by one of our convenient locations: Aardvark Antiques and Estate Liquidations4316 Mundy Mill Rd. Oakwood, GA 30566770-534-6611 Aardvark Antiques and Fine Interiors526 E Paces… Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving from Aardvark Antiques!

As you sit down with your family this Thanksgiving, it will be as much about sharing memories as it is about sharing a meal. As you begin to do your shopping, prepare meal plans, and get out the fine china, ask yourself this question: Is my table big enough for my whole family to sit… Read more »

Charles Pharr on Discovery Channel’s Auction Kings

Charles is at it again! Last week he filmed a new episode of Auction Kings. Keep an eye out for Charles’ upcoming episode on the Discovery Channel. The show airs Tuesday afternoons at 1:00 pm and 1:30 pm.  Discovery Channel’s series Auction Kings showcases all sorts of unusual and unique items. Each item is brought in either by one… Read more »

Magnificent French Renaissance Cabinet

French Renaissance Revival Henri II Cabinet 1800 to 1899 French Renaissance Deux Corps Cabinet made of French walnut in ~1880’s. Heavily hand-carved dragon theme with fruit, ferns, half bodies, etc. Hand wrought brass pull. Full restored, fumigated, french polished. Amazing piece of work. Would look great as a focal piece in a English, French or… Read more »

Extravagant and Exquisite- Imagine Your French Decor Home

Whether your decorating style is lavish or leans toward something more simplistic, French style furniture offers a diverse range of beautiful options. Have a look: Rococo Antique Rococo Carved French Provencal 1930’s Burled Walnut Full Bedroom Set    Monumental French Rococo Gold Gilt Curio Display Cabinet Louis VX Exquisite Louis XV Period Antique Walnut French… Read more »

French Provincial Walnut Marquetry Armoire Wardrobe

This is a stunning French Provincial walnut armoire with beautiful marquetry work. This wardrobe with built in chest of drawers is in fantastic condition as it is from the roaring 20’s.  French Provincial Walnut Marquetry Armoire Wardrobe There are two hanging closets on either side and the center has three drawers with addition marquetry work with space… Read more »

St. Anthony Platinum & Diamond Collectible Pendant

One of a Kind 1930’s St. Anthony Platinum &  Diamond Collectible Pendant This is an exquisite collectible heirloom pendant made of platinum and diamonds with a hand carved mother of pearl center. It is a miniature 3D work of art that includes Saint Anthony of Padua holding Baby Jesus. Saint Anthony, the patron saint of lost things… Read more »

A Sneak Peek Inside Our New Atlanta Store

Our grand opening has been a great success! The new Atlanta, GA location, in the heart of Buckhead is full of elegant, fine furniture and antiques. Conveniently located at 526 E. Paces Ferry Rd. just behind the Jaguar dealership, we are now make a great selection of incredible antiques available to you. Come in and… Read more »

Turn the Tables

Dining Tables Dining tables are an essential in any home. They’re ideal for formal dinners and informal get-togethers. Buy the dining tables you’ve always wanted when you buy them at Aardvark Antiques. Dining Tables For All Of Your Needs We’re the number #1 source for quality antique tables, including dining tables from top brand names such as Henredon and… Read more »