How to Liquidate an Estate in Less Than a Week!

Premium Estate SalesSince July, Aardvark Antiques has liquidated the contents of a $1.2 million and a $2 million estate with short notice and preparation done only the week of the sale. Cash was generated for everything, leaving the homes completely cleared. Comparing us to other estate sales companies is really apples to oranges. That is not a fair comparison so let’s focus on what Aardvark Antiques does and how it’s possible to liquidate a massive estate in less than a week!

  • We Liquidate Estates Full Time: We hold professional estate sales and we buy entire estates year round to keep our retail and 5 online stores stocked.
  • We Sell Nationally & Internationally: This gives us thousands of retail customers around the globe that also purchase from our estate sales.
  • We leave nothing to chance: from non-stop liquidation we often know values of most household items and antiques immediately but if we don’t, Charles Pharr ISA CAPP is a Certified Professional Appraiser of Antiques, Fine Art, & Residential Contents appraising in Atlanta, surrounding cities and states.
  • We Don’t Undersell Anything: If items will not bring appropriate amounts we have had our retail location open for over 18 years and our fine art gallery open almost 10 years for further consignment.
  • Forwarding an item to a high-end auction: Sometimes it is wise to forward an item to a high-end auction. We facilitate that for them with our Master Consignments at Sotheby’s, Christie’s, & other fine auction houses.
  • Our integrity speaks for itself: We have a long list of references from individuals, Trusts, Attorneys, Banks, Courts, & Executives as well as thousands of 100% positive feedback from our online stores including Ebay, Etsy, GoAntiques, Ruby Lane, and
  • We target Retail Customers: This allows us to generate the highest sales amounts for our customers bringing literally 1,000’s of top quality buyers to our estate sales from around the country and online.

We have developed this winning formula in over 20 years of non-stop improving. That is why we are asked to do premium estate sales. That is why we are considered the best Estate Sale company to turn generating the most revenue for our clients leaving them with a clear home.