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Tips for Buying Wood Furniture

Wood the quintessential element that defines a piece of furniture. Wood gives furniture appeal, style and artistry that you don’t usually find in other types of material. Wood is a highly desirable material for furniture, however finding quality wood furniture is difficult and can be very expensive to buy in modern box stores. There are… Read more »

Living Out Loud

Your home is your palace, so make it look like one! You can make a grand statement in your home without ever saying a word. Choosing extravagant furniture styles doesn’t have to be daunting, and can be extremely rewarding. You can obtain a rich, lavish look by choosing a few choice pieces that will add… Read more »

A Chest By Any Other Name

A chest is a very old form of furniture and they can have many different names. Odds are that you probably have one in your home. They’ve been called cassones, coffers, kists,  and trunks. You’ve got your tool chests, toy chests, treasure chests, hope chests, blanket chests, cedar chests… the list just goes on. A chest… Read more »